Our goal is not only to be a restaurant chain serving food to the public, but also be part of the communities surrounding our restaurant locations. To accomplish this goal, we would like to extend a 20% donation of sales of any fundraising groups such as schools, churches, sports organizations and other charities having an enjoyable dining experience at any Primos locations. Primos Mexican Food cares about our communities and the causes that you support!

Follow these 3 simple steps to get your fundraiser started!

  • STEP 1

    Fill out the Fundraiser Request Form on the right side of this page.

  • STEP 2

    Once the fundraiser has been approved, a customized flyer will then be sent to you via email.

  • STEP 3

    Advertise your fundraiser by emailing and passing out flyers to everyone you know to help support your charitable cause! The more it is promoted, the greater the return to your organization or cause. Flyers may not be passed out on the restaurant premises.